Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up to use the site?
Gentlemen or women who use the site to search for escorts do not need to sign up, register or pay a fee for the use of the site. Only escorts who wish to make profiles must sign up - and the three month trial is free!

What should I do before meeting an escort?
Make sure to communicate effectively before booking a date with your chosen escort. Confirm the service, fees, time, date, and location prior to the scheduled meeting. Booking an escort online is the same as booking any other kind of escort service. To avoid disputes be sure to arrange all aspects of the service prior to meeting your escort. Escorts Online takes no part or responsibility in the agreement made by the escort or the customer. The decision must be mutually agreed upon by both parties.


I am an escort, or interested in joining as an escort – How do I register?
That’s pretty simple, go to the “Escorts Registration” button on the top of this page and follow the prompts. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account which allows you to begin filling in your profile. Our management team will make your profile live once you are approved (usually within 24 hours). Our management team will give you a welcome call to make sure you understand the process, and answer any initial queries.


I am a customer, what are my methods of payment?
Escorts Online take no responsibility in the payment process or method. You must organise the preferred payment method and rates with each individual escort as they will have different preferences.


My question is not on the list?
Escorts Online makes customer service it’s foremost priority, so if you have any questions or queries our management team is only a phone call away. Alternatively, you can send us an email and we will promptly reply to you.


What about confidentiality and discretion?
Escorts Online places an emphasis on the privacy, discretion, and integrity of both the escorts and the customers. Contact us if you have any further queries or questions.